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Safety Quiz

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It’s Going to Happen Quiz

The nearest phone to use in an emergency is ________________________________________________________
Nearest hospital approved by my insurance carrier is __________________________________________________
Nearest urgent-care facility approved by my insurance carrier ___________________________________________
Ambulance service closest to my home is __________________________________ They are _____ minutes away
I summon an ambulance by calling ________________________________________________________________
If I need help in the shop from my spouse or neighbor, I call _____________________________________________
My shop fire extinguisher is located ________________________________________________________________
The charge on my fire extinguisher was last checked on ________________________________________________
I regard my dust collection system as: _____ inadequate _____ adequate _____ good _____ superb
I consistently wear hearing protection in my shop: ____ yes ____ no
The electrical service/supply in my shop is: ____inadequate ____ adequate
My plan if I develop an allergic reaction to a wood species is _____________________________________________
I have a face shield: ____ yes ____ no
I wear a face shield or safety glasses/goggles when I turn: ___never ___ sometimes ___ always
I wear a dust mask or dust helmet when I turn: ____yes ____no
I consistently use properly sized tools for each project (large tools for large projects, small tools for small projects):
_____ never ____ sometimes ____ always
I have reviewed the “near” accidents I have experienced on each machine I own: ___ yes __ no
I know and stay out of the “line of fire” for my lathe: ____ yes ____ no
I sit in the “line of fire” when watching a demonstration: ____ yes ____ no
I have a safety stop for my lathe that is out of the “line of fire”: ____ yes ____ no
I use the tailstock when roughing-out: ____ never ____ sometimes ____ always
The tool in my shop which I most need to improve/change/review my work habits from a safety standpoint is _______
I use a safety shield to protect spectators when doing a demonstration: ____ yes ____ no
I clean and organize my shop regularly: ____ yes ____ no
The woodturning tool that I am the most afraid of is ____________________________________________________
I need to change my use of ________________________________________________ to improve safe work habits
My body clock makes __________________________ the most dangerous time of the day to work with power tools
The one thing that I should do to improve the safety of my shop is ________________________________________
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